“Why the 1%?” – When Henry Cavill Replied to Thirsty Tweets About Big Di*k Energy

“Why the 1%?” – When Henry Cavill Replied to Thirsty Tweets About Big Di*k Energy

The hype for the superman of Hollywood AKA Greek God, Henry Cavill, is at an all-time high. The more the British star maintains his composure and subtlety, the weirder and nastier this world gets for him. While we resist our desires, some fans would not, as they flood Twitter with some thirst tweets every once in a while. Want to know what those were?

Well, BuzzFeed made our work easier. The American entertainment news recently invited the star media to read some of the thirstiest tweets on the internet. In the beginning, Henry instantly gave us heads-up, saying he had read worse by looking at the first one. Here is how the rest of it went. 

Henry Cavill outsmarts Twitter thirst tweets with his elegant comebacks

Out of all tweets that he felt not nearly as thirsty as he thought it would be, the one single tweet that got him was:

The star was stuck at the 99% and went on to ask, “Why the 1% may I ask?” As hilariously deliberate as it was, we all know that he was aware of what he was doing and outplayed the tweet with his subtle yet destructible composure. The way he answered the reactions by keeping the temperature high while also playing clean was a delight to watch. 

We could not help but keep watching this as the legend gives off Mr. Darcy’s vibes having Jane Austenian civility but getting trampled by drunk Vegas Woo girls. The way he responds to raunchy Twitter all polite and civil while fans literally dream of D E S T R O Y I N G him was hilarious. The pain in his eyes was visible right through the screen.

We were glad to see him have such a great sense of humor to cope with the creepy and gross tweets otherwise called ‘thirsty’. He kept it classy, as is his personality, and left giving a straight heart attack to all the people he had just replied to. 

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Nevertheless, this was just the tip of the iceberg. His entire video is filled with all the viewers with sheer enthusiasm and passion for him taking a shot at any of them.

What did you think of all the thirst tweets and Cavill’s response to them?

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