Why “Terrified” Meghan Markle Had to Call Police After Relationship With Prince Harry Went Public?

Why “Terrified” Meghan Markle Had to Call Police After Relationship With Prince Harry Went Public?

The Royal and the UK media could never run lines along with each other. Since time immemorial, the ravaging tabloids and the press have always been a severe matter of concern for almost all the members of the Royal Family. In recent times, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been taking the shots all by themselves left and right. As most of you might speculate that this has rooted in their tell-all bombshell projects, the media bashing actually dates back to the time the Sussexes were not even married. 

The headlines have their way of highlighting just the part that would create a stir in social media instead of bringing forward actual news. However, some well-wishers from the Sussex side do not let them get away with it. 

Omid Scobies narrates a terrifying incident with Meghan Markle

Close Friend Omid Scobie and his co-writer, Carolyn Durand of their just-released book speak of some unheard and significant facts about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Speaking of The book, Finding Freedom, has made some fresh revelations about the Royal Family, especially the former American actress and the military prince. 

According to the Finding Freedom book, the early courtship days of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were not going easy on the couple. With the entire world keeping a tab on you at all times, the Prince and his then-fiance did go through a lot of traumatizing incidents which have found their place in the book. It is a fact that Meghan Markle evidently had to take help from the police to safeguard herself from the hounding press. 

The paps were all over Markle 

This happened moments after her relationship with Prince Harry went beyond the Palace doors. As narrated by Scobie, it was one late night in Toronto and the young people in love were happy to have each other. Out of nowhere, breaking the silence of the blissful night, the duo received a call from Kensington as Prince Harry’s aides informed him that the press is running through the story of their relationship. 

And for a fact, they knew that to add more credibility to their story, the paparazzi would swarm Markle’s places to get the slightest snap. “They had little time to think,” writes the Royal expert as their story feeding the new frenzy would take much time to reach their homes, hunting for the happy couple. Sources also reveal that the men with the cameras had already fenced her back garden. As a result, “Meghan was terrified and called the police,” writes Scobie. 

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3 thoughts on “Why “Terrified” Meghan Markle Had to Call Police After Relationship With Prince Harry Went Public?

  1. Reply
    February 18, 2023 at 11:12 pm

    What did they expect??? The news media would follow them once they found out. That is part of being “the Prince” and “actress”. If they were smart, which I do not think they are, they would have “leaked” to the press they were sering each other snd had a press conference. seeing each other. This way it would have been controlled . Bit Meagan enjoys of blowing up every event as it makes her look 👀 like she is being harassed. As sn actress she should have bern used of the news media unless she was an insignificant part of the Suits program. By the way, why is running her mouth about discrimination?? She used to mark herself as white “because people ” thought she was. This came from the time in school when she asked her teacher what box she should mark. Teacher and Megan agreed it would be the box which would indicate she is white Education. Her Dad won the lottery and paid for her schooling. Cannot believe the news media did not read some of this stuff and remember it. Poor journalism. Do your research. She orchestrated her life after meeting Harry so she could leave the monarchy and make $$$$$$$. Which she is doing with more lies than truth. Stupid Harry is falling for it, lock, stock and barrel. He had no backbone. She knew the Royal family thru research – ie, she even looked up what kind of stockings her little bridesmaids should wear. she knew a lot of Princess Diana. She moved into a good life but it was not good enough for her. Moved into a 13 million dollar house. Hers in England was not good enough. Now she has to make more money to pay for it all. And Harry has to work for $$$$$$ now to help pay the bills. I do not feel sorry for her. With her so called good education she should have known the pitfalls of marrying into a Royal family. Harry is probably suffering from PTSS and needs treatment. Many military het that after going to War. After Vietnam many suffered and were told to suck it up. Today they mow realize how bad it is. I do not understand how they can compare their life with Diana. Diana was divorced and had high profile suiters. Someone in her camp gave her whereabouts. After a few tomes that the news media surrounded her, she should have figured that out.
    So much for leaving the monarchy, fior a quiet life out of the news media. If they are surrounded it is their fault not the media. They asked fir the attention. That is how money is made. but

  2. Reply
    Judy Trewartha
    February 23, 2023 at 3:59 am

    I will ever understand how much hatred Meghan Markle receives. People talk about her with such mean spiritedness, I don’t understand their hatred. I assume it’s her blackness that offends so many people

  3. Reply
    March 12, 2023 at 1:47 am

    Judy Trewalta: “Her Blackness”?wake up! H. and MM are the one stoking the media’s fire. They love to see their names in print and feed info to media.

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