Why Jason Bateman Gushed About His Wife and Called Her “almost a full-time dad” on Winning SAG 2019

Why Jason Bateman Gushed About His Wife and Called Her “almost a full-time dad” on Winning SAG 2019

Jason Bateman became a household name in the 90s after his several appearances in popular sitcoms. And it did not take very long for the actor to be labeled a “teen idol.” However, the title went as quickly as it came, not just because of his growth in years but also the onslaught of bland projects that he was doing one after another. Several years later, as Jason Bateman would reveal himself, he lost focus of what was important because of his partying lifestyle.

The actor revealed that he was too obsessed with partying, which resulted in him losing many good projects. And at one time, almost his relationship as well, until his wife gave him an ultimatum. So apart from giving him a beautiful family, Bateman also needs to thank his wife for making him the refined and successful actor that he is today. And he did just that when he received his first-ever Screen Actors Guild Award.

Jason Bateman gives a special thank you to his wife at the SAG awards

The saying “Behind every successful man there stands a woman” couldn’t get any truer in the Ozark actor’s case. It was his wife, Amanda Anka, who threatened to leave him if he did not leave his partying lifestyle, which finally brought him to his senses. And at 50, when the actor held his first Screen Actors Guild award for his performance in the Netflix thriller, he had the best speech to thank his wife.

I would like to say specifically though to my wife, my two daughters- Amanda Franny and Maple,” said Bateman as he accepted his award. The gushing about his wife did not just stop there and Jason carried it on backstage.

She is almost a full-time dad too because I’m out of town so much,” said Bateman. Amanda Anka plays the role of both parents when Jason is out for work, despite also being a working woman herself. This way, she is not only setting an example for her two daughters but also for Bateman, who gets inspiration from his wife.

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Knowing that she does so much for him and his kids helps Jason Bateman give his very best performance no matter what project he is working on. This appreciation and heartwarming gratitude towards his wife made us all swoon.

What do you think about Bateman’s gratitude towards his wife? You can check out his SAG award-winning performance on Netflix.

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