Why Jason Bateman Fans Once Flooded Twitter to Drown His Childhood Co-star Ricky Schroder

Why Jason Bateman Fans Once Flooded Twitter to Drown His Childhood Co-star Ricky Schroder

With every other decade comes a bunch of child stars that define the era. Although they might seem lucky for getting fame and wealth at such tender ages, growing up in the spotlight is hard. Often, the ones who shine brightly are eclipsed by others who turn their careers around later in life. Something similar happened to fellow costars, Ricky Schroder and Jason Bateman. 

While Bateman is a household name thanks to his hit Netflix series, Ozark, Ricky is almost unknown now. Both started out as child stars in the early 80 starring in The Champ. However, a few months back, while Bateman was continuing to add accolades, Rick was busy becoming the character on Twitter. 

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Twitter drowned out Ricky Schroder’s rants with photos of his more successful costar Jason Bateman 

More than his achievements on the professional front, Ricky came to be known for his public outburst and as a self-confessed conservative. He even gave a speech at the 2000 Republican National Convention. The man is an anti-masker and, on numerous occasions, has caused a scene. He had made headlines for harassing the Costco workers, and for flouting rules at the Dwight D Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum. He even called the security guards Nazis. Twitter, in its bid to drown out his rants, went on a spree to post pictures of the Ozark actor. 

In 1982, Ricky was the up-and-coming star. He had won a Golden Globe for The Champ and was the lead for Silver Spoons. What followed was some struggling years before he landed NYPD Blue and directed Black Cloud.

On the other hand, Jason Bateman’s rise was not that quick. He starred in supporting roles in Silver Spoons and Little House on the Prarie before landing the lead in Arrested Development. He earned a Golden Globe much later in his career. Soon he would appear in Juno, and Up In The Air before he won an Emmy for his work in Ozark

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At present, the Emmy winner is to direct Dark Wire. Are you excited about his new directorial venture? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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