Why Is the World Weeping Because of the End of ‘Human Resources’ Episode 9?

Why Is the World Weeping Because of the End of ‘Human Resources’ Episode 9?

Netflix truly has diverse content for all age groups. A testament to this is Netflix’s hit adult comedy show Big Mouth with a season six in development. To capitalize on the show’s success, Netflix announced a spin-off of the show in 2019, Human Resources. The spin-off show is a funny take if hormone-run monsters were in The Office. But it looks like the show has some teary eye moments too.

The world is crying at Human Resources episode 9

At surface level, the show seems to be a funny satire about workplace comedy, just like The Office.

The show revolves around Hormone Monsters, Shame Wizards, Depression Kitties, Anxiety Mosquitos, Lovebugs, and Hate Worms along with Ambition Gremlins, Grief Sweaters, Addiction Angels, and too many more moving parts to list in this alien hub.

However, some of its episodes, like the eighth episode called “The Light” and especially the ninth episode called “It’s Almost Over,” are extremely emotional, making people bawl like babies.

This episode’s entire finale is sincere and poignant. There aren’t many jokes, and it’s mostly played straight. The writers did an excellent job depicting sorrow and demonstrating how it impacts people in various ways.

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The finishing title card that dedicates this episode to the late actor Willie Garson, who donated his voice skills to a few episodes of Big Mouth is the cherry on top.

How are the people reacting?

The greatest thing about good cinema or series is that it resonates with people. And that is exactly what is happening with Human Resources. The show is receiving praises for its humor and the emotions and tears it has brought out in people. Here are some tweets expressing the tears:

Human Resources is currently streaming on Netflix exclusively.

Do watch the show and let us know if you also find it heartbreaking, just as we did.

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