Why Is Meghan Markle Jealous of Cousin-in-law Princess Beatrice?

Why Is Meghan Markle Jealous of Cousin-in-law Princess Beatrice?

No matter how harsh life takes a toll on the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, she has always made sure to stand her ground, mostly, for genuine reasons. This turned many of her relations sour as many did not seem to understand where she was coming from. As a result, there has been a perennial outflow of intolerable controversies that have time and again engulfed the former actress. 

Nevertheless, she has always come out of the whirlwind of disputes to get herself a life. Sources have reported some controversial relations of the Duchess which explicitly enlisted two members of the royal family as well. Read further to know more about them. 

The reason behind a cold feud between the Palace’s princesses and Meghan Markle 

As reported by The Sun, Meghan had previously mentioned the names of two royal princesses as the subject of her contretemps. While she was put under the cosh for apparently being the first working woman to join the family, Meghan had some genuinely justified reasons to stand up with. Amidst the disputes about her profession, in all fairness, Markle named Princess Beatrice and Eugenie in explosive court documents. 

It was then brought to the notice that Meghan was not the only working royal member of the palace. Both the princesses whom she filed against, also have their private incomes and are yet not tagged as working Royals. Unlike the restrictions imposed on her, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie both were fully allowed to “undertake paid work.

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Beatrice of York earns through the finance sector and consulting. Whereas, Eugenie of the same place works as a director at the London art gallery. Voicing her stance, Meghan claimed that the institution of the Royal Family did not protect her even while she was expecting a child.

She deemed the alleged press intrusion that drew a line before herself and her career as unfair and unjust. However, none seemed to understand the distraught couple. Thus, the pair decided to exit their frontline royal obligations in the year 2020. 

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    October 28, 2022 at 9:34 am

    She did it now because both those two princesses work their butt off but not as a royal worker they just work their own things read the article and then you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

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    November 2, 2022 at 6:14 pm

    MM is not the first working woman to join the royal family, if you remember Diana Spencer was a kindergarten teacher and private nanny but had to leave h er professional job after she married Charles. So MM needs to quit whining

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