Why Is Lupin III: The First Being Hailed as the Best 3D Anime From Japan?

Why Is Lupin III: The First Being Hailed as the Best 3D Anime From Japan?

The animation industry in Japan has a long-standing reputation for producing great content every year. While the industry has renowned animators working to create animes that break boundaries, the industry does suffer regarding graphics. 3D is generally the accepted standard in animation now. However, that is only the case in the west. Even now, most of its anime output in Japan is in 2D. That does not mean the country has not tried to render a 3D anime, but the results were never satisfactory until Lupin III: The First.

The Takashi Yamazaki film is considered a benchmark for 3D anime in Japan. The makers have paid attention to the flick’s character details and atmosphere. Keeping in mind that Lupin III is a thief and his constant visual changes, they successfully transitioned the character to 3D. The use of silhouettes in the anime is comparable to that of Tom & Jerry.  The characters strike key poses to add hilarity to the narrative. Additionally, this also maintains visual clarity.

The compositions used in the anime further add a focus on the lead as well as the side characters. They also work to add more visual noise. Lupin III: The First has seen one of the finest usages of light. The makers have used a combination of warm and blue light to create contrast and definition for the characters. Catch and rim light is also used to highlight certain features or differentiate the characters from their background. 

The 2019 film has a rating of 95%. Fans continue to hail Lupin III: The First as one of the finest 3D anime to come out of Japan. And yet it remains majorly unknown in the west. 

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Fans react to 3D anime from Japan Lupin III: The First

I think another reason why the CGI worked so well in this film is that it didn’t fall for the common mistake where things need to behave and move “realistically.”

Can we also take a moment to appreciate the character designs in the movie? They did such a good job translating those iconic designs into 3D. They look very polished while still retaining that original Lupin charm

This is great step forward for CG Anime. I think they just need to refine the clothing materials so they’re not all to plasticity. The way the characters are animated is very true to the 2D style

I remember when it came out and everyone was simping at the main cast because the designs were so incredibly well done and the animation was gorgeous. I hope they make a sequel.

I was blown away hy Jigen’s design. Overall reaction of characters and minor movements were felt so alive in this movie.

The film follows the gentleman thief Lupin III as he goes on a search to find the Bresson Diary. But he needs to see it before it falls into the hands of the Nazi treasure hunters. 

The film is based on Monkey Punch’s manga Lupin III, released in 1967. The manga further took inspiration from Maurice LeBlanc’s Arsene Lupin. The lead is the grandson of Arsene. Netflix is also currently pushing the boundaries with an adaptation of Pluto

Are you a fan of the gentleman thief?

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