Why Is Hugh Jackman a “Petty Officer” on Ryan Reynolds’ Birthday?

Why Is Hugh Jackman a “Petty Officer” on Ryan Reynolds’ Birthday?

It would seem that we have become frenemies.” Unlike Captain Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds may not be too dignified to use a portmanteau, especially when the term ‘Frenemy’ perfectly describes their relationship. The two impeccably talented actors have had a never-ending feud ever since the 2008 X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Their hilarious pranks and one-upmanship have kept the audience entertained for years. One of their go-to moves is sending weird wishes for each other’s birthdays. Just a week ago, Ryan Reynolds unveiled a teaser of his own film for Jackman’s name day. It is only fair to have a tit-for-tat. 

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Ryan Reynolds believes Hugh Jackman would be a petty officer

Jumping on the bandwagon of the Reynolds-Jackman pseudo-feud, the Royal Canadian Navy also took a dig at Ryan Reynolds by sending him a strange birthday present. Addressing the Red Notice star as one of their “favourite Canadians,” they invited him to be a “Navy Captain of a Warship” for a day. What an honor, right?

Except, they struck off Ryan’s name and replaced it with The Greatest Showman, Hugh Jackman. Now, there is no way to prove that Wolverine was behind this prank, but their history of back-and-forth does dictate the odds. And by the looks of it, the Deadpool star also has an inkling that Jackman was behind this prank. In his quintessential style, Reynolds replied to the Royal Canadian Navy with a jibe at Jackman.

He’d definitely be a petty officer,” wrote The Adam Project star.

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About a month ago, a teaser for the upcoming Deadpool 3 broke the internet as it confirmed the appearance of Hugh as Logan (Wolverine). This gave the disputed duo another chance to entertain the fans with their banter. The two uploaded a hysterical video justifying how they were “messing with the zeitgeist“. The fan service explanation lasted barely a few seconds. However, it was their overly animated and exaggerated actions to the score of Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go that took the cake and left the audience in a fit of laughter.

Do you think Hugh Jackman was behind the Royal Canadian Navy’s birthday wish for Ryan Reynolds? Let us know in the comments. For Ryan’s birthday, you can watch Les Miserables streaming on Netflix.

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