Why Is Henry Cavill Scared to Watch His DCEU Return as Superman in ‘Black Adam’?

Why Is Henry Cavill Scared to Watch His DCEU Return as Superman in ‘Black Adam’?

Actor Henry Cavill has played several iconic roles over the length of his career. However, none of them has a bigger fan following than the Man of Steel. With much anticipation, a lot of speculation, and months of successful secret-keeping, the son of Krypton of our generation has finally made a comeback. Not only did Cavill appear in the post-credit scene of Black Adam, but his official announcement on Instagram also hints at Superman coming home to DCEU in a big way.

While fan excitement knows no bounds for Cavill’s return, the British actor himself has still not seen Black Adam and his own cameo in the film. In fact, Henry has even expressed his apprehension about watching that scene on the big screen.

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Why has Henry Cavill not watched Black Adam in cinemas?

In a recent interview with Tara Hitchcock, Henry Cavill discussed his cameo in DCEU’s latest film, Black Adam. In fact, the host even called it “one of the best post-credits scenes.” When asked if he had to “sneak in” into the cinemas to view it, the Enola Holmes actor revealed he had not yet watched the film on the silver screen.

I have not managed to see it in a cinema yet. I figured of all, of all times, to go into a cinema, it would be dangerous to go now,” illustrated Cavill.

Though it was a huge surprise for the host initially, The Witcher actor’s fear makes complete sense. First of all, his cameo in the film was a surprise. Even though many theories pointed to his return, the creators maintained absolute silence on the matter. Obviously, Cavill’s presence at the premiere or in any theater would have been a huge giveaway.

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Additionally, had a fan spotted the real-life Superman right after his cameo, it would have caused a frenzy in the auditorium. It would be completely unsurprising if his attendance resulted in a stampede. So, perhaps it was prudent for the handsome actor to avoid the cinemas.

I have seen it, just not on the big screen. So, maybe a funny nose and glasses and I’ll sneak into a place,” joked The Tudors actor.

Well, keep an eye out for someone with prosthetics and professional-grade make-up if you go for a screening of Black Adam. You never know, it might just be Henry Cavill pulling off a Clark Kent. What would you do if you saw the Man of Steel himself at a movie theater? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, you can watch The Witcher streaming on Netflix.

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