Why Is Andrew Garfield the Reason BBC’s Film Critic Ali Plumb Not Trusting Henry Cavill or Anyone Ever Again?

Why Is Andrew Garfield the Reason BBC’s Film Critic Ali Plumb Not Trusting Henry Cavill or Anyone Ever Again?

Andrew Garfield is the reason why Henry Cavill cannot be trusted. The Man of Steel actor got the breakthrough of a career with his role as Superman in 2013. The action flick not only benefited him, but the Superman franchise and Warner Bros as well. Thereafter, he reprised his role in several of their movies over the years.

The last time he appeared as Superman was in Zack Snyder’s cut, after which there has been a gap. Dwayne Johnson persuaded him to do a cameo in DC’s Black Adam, making fans happy about Cavill’s return. The actor’s latest movie Enola Holmes 2 is out now, and during an interview, the interviewer told Cavill why Andrew Garfield is the reason The Witcher actor cannot be trusted anymore.

What did Andrew Garfield do for Ali Plumb to not trust Henry Cavill and others?

Henry Cavill is undoubtedly one of the most loved actors of today, who has aced working in action fantasy roles. The actor remains the best choice for playing DC’s Superman to this day. During an interview with BBC’s film critic Ali Plumb, they talked about how Cavill did not attend the Comic Con.

Although it was heard that he would not be attending it, fans still clung on to their hopes; only for the 39-year-old to stick to his word, much to their disappointment. Ali Plumb mentioned how he does not trust anyone since Andrew Garfield. The Spiderman actor had lived about his return as Peter Parker for a long time, but news later confirmed his return for Spiderman: No Way Home. 

Apparently, Cavill had struggled to keep his return as Superman a secret, which turned into a wonderful surprise for DC fans. Since DC is also looking to expand and explore their universe and the Justice Society of America (JSA), with Black Adam, they used the opportunity to reintroduce certain characters with Superman, like Dr. Fate, Cyclone, etc.

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Meanwhile, Henry Cavill is enjoying the success of Enola Holmes 2, while his fans are still mourning his exit from Netflix’s The Witcher, in which he played Geralt of Rivia, a much-loved character.

Although the movie is at an early stage, with crew positions still to be filled, are you looking forward to seeing Henry Cavill lead as Superman again? Let us know in the comments.

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