Why Does the Wild Hunt Want Ciri in The Witcher?

Why Does the Wild Hunt Want Ciri in The Witcher?

A month has passed since the release of The Witcher season 2 and yet, people are talking about everything that happened in the show. One of the major talking points from the season was the appearance of the infamous Wild Hunt. The supposed omen of war were looking for Ciri in The Witcher season 2. But why do they even want Ciri in the first place?

Ciri is the princess of Cintra, nicknamed the Lion Cub of Cintra, taking it after her grandmother Queen Calanthe. But as the seasons progressed, we came to know that Ciri in The Witcher is also the “Child Surprise” of Geralt of Rivia, the hero of our story. We saw Ciri showing signs of having magical powers in both seasons, which indeed drew a target on her back.

What exactly are Ciri’s powers in The Witcher?

The first season of the Netflix Original gave us mere glimpses at what powers Ciri holds inside of her. The scene of Ciri shaking an entire room with a powerful scream comes to mind when we try to remember The Lion Cub using her powers in season 1. She even topples down a monolith later in the season, which is probably the incident that attracted the Wraiths of Mörhogg or The Wild Hunt. Monoliths are made of stellacite, a foreign material that is nearly indestructible but Ciri destroyed an entire monolith with a single scream.

We saw Ciri gaining a little control over her powers in season 2 of The Witcher, thanks to Triss and Yennefer. But Yen also used her as a sacrifice to regain her magic. It was during the battle against The Deathless Mother that Ciri, Geralt, and Yennefer first encountered The Wild Hunt. They call Ciri “starry-eyed daughter of chaos” who is “theirs”.

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Why does The Wild Hunt want Ciri in The Witcher?

To understand why The Wild Hunt wants Ciri, we first have to understand what they and Ciri are. The Wild Hunt is originally Elves from another world. They are called Aen Elle, and before The Conjunction, they used to ride across different worlds, enslaving humans and terrorizing entire civilizations. The Conjunction, in a way, put a limit to their power, which is the reason they now ride in small groups.

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Now, because Ciri is a Source, and thus has unlimited power at her disposal, The Wraiths of Mörhogg want her to undo the effects of The Conjunction. Doing so will once again enable them to wreak havoc upon hundreds of worlds. Ciri, along with the witcher, Geralt, and mage Yennefer, will now face these out worldly elves in the coming seasons of The Witcher.

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