Why Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Delay Their Tribute to Queen Elizabeth?

Why Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Delay Their Tribute to Queen Elizabeth?

It’s well known that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been warring with the British royal family ever since they stepped down as working royals. In fact, the animosity between the couple and their family members grew tenfold after the interview with Oprah. They revealed startling facts that pulled the rug under the royals’ feet and revealed what goes on behind the closed doors in Buckingham Palace.

Their relationship has remained strained since then. Even during this year’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, the senior royals kept their distance from the Sussexes. Now, since Queen Elizabeth has passed, viewers were waiting for a statement from the Duke of Sussex, which did arrive but a day late. Why the delay? Was it because of the bad blood between them? 

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle paid tribute to the late Queen a day late out of respect 

It appeared that it wasn’t the bad blood but the protocols that delayed their tribute. Earlier, Harry’s tribute was going to get released on Sunday right after Prince William’s. But they chose to withhold the tribute until Monday to pay respect for the anniversary of September 11th.

In his tribute to the late Queen, the Duke of Sussex addressed his late grandma lovingly. He mentioned that she was the guiding compass in their lives and that everyone loves and misses her. However, life is full of “first meetings and final partings” so even though he is upset at this final parting, he knows she has left a lasting legacy.

Harry further reminiscences his childhood encounters with the Queen, his first time meeting the Queen as Commander-in-Chief, and the first interaction between her and Meghan. In his heartfelt letter, he also addressed his dad, Prince Charles, and honored him as the now King Charles.

The Duke of Sussex had joined the family when the Queen’s doctor expressed his concerns about her health. He was also seen with the Prince and Princes of Wales in a walkabout where they greeted the visitors. 

The Sussexes plan to stay until the Queen’s funeral on September 19th

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Do you think this unfortunate tragedy will bring the fractured Royal family together once again? Share your thoughts in the comments.

One thought on “Why Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Delay Their Tribute to Queen Elizabeth?

  1. Reply
    Catherine Turney
    September 14, 2022 at 2:43 am

    Oh, good grief. Respect? Where was that respect when they accused the RF of being a pack of racists?
    E.g. when Meghan accused the RF of not giving Archie the title of “Prince” because he was bi-racial, when in fact the great-grandchildren of the reigning monarch haven’t automatically gotten titles since the late Queen’s grandfather issued Letters Patent to that effect in 1917? Meghan might not have bothered to fact-check before she played the ‘race/victim’ card, but Harry certainly would’ve known it. Or should have, since for most of his life he was understudy for his grandmother’s role. Where was that respect when they used the Queen’s nickname – used only by her most intimate connections – for their daughter? It would have been more honest to just tattoo ‘My great-grandmother is the Queen of the UK’ across their daughter’s forehead.

    Let’s face it: all these two have to sell is their connection to the RF, so despite saying that they wanted to be financially independent and private citizens and didn’t care about titles and ‘all that’, they’re clinging to those titles like limpets and they’ll go right on attempting to monetize the connection every instant they’re not moaning about how dreadful the RF is and how dreadful the people of the UK are and how dreadful the British press is.

    If Charles has any sense, he’ll tell them to just go back to the US and live the ‘private’ lives they were so desperate to have. Of course, judging by their behavior so far, when they get there, they’ll moan about how badly they were treated and then go on complaining about what a terribly difficult, poverty-stricken existence the RF force them to lead until people with real problems get fed up with hearing them and they fade into obscurity the way Edward and Wallis did.

    Let’s face it: their only saleable asset is their titles — which they said they didn’t want.

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