Why Did Jackie Chan Want to “Swap” His Son With Will Smith’s 12-Years-Old Jaden Smith?

Why Did Jackie Chan Want to “Swap” His Son With Will Smith’s 12-Years-Old Jaden Smith?

Over the years, we have seen only a handful of films based on or related to Karate. However, despite the fact that there are very few films revolving around karate, almost everyone is aware of the 2010 movie Karate Kid. Starring young Jaden Smith and legendary actor Jackie Chan, Karate Kid was one of the most popular films of its time. What many of us are not aware of is that the Men in Black star, Will Smith, was the producer of the film. The Karate Kid (2010) was an extremely entertaining film.

Seeing the chemistry between Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan was a treat to the eyes. While Chan did what he does best, i.e. play every role he gets with perfection, young Jaden shocked everyone too with his incredible acting performance. Undoubtedly, everyone was impressed with The Pursuit of Happyness star’s performance in the movie, including Jackie Chan. He was so taken with Jaden that he even revealed his wish to swap his son with the 24-year-old rapper?

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When Jackie Chan revealed he wanted to swap his son with Jaden Smith

Previously, after the release of The Karate Kid, Jackie Chan talked about his time on the sets of the film and praised Jaden Smith. In the film, Jackie played Han, a karate tutor to Jaden. Interestingly, Jackie tutored Jaden in real life as well. The actor revealed how everything in the movie was real. The Rush Hour star revealed how they trained Jaden to do everything by himself, including the splits, kicks, etc.

He further added how he saw Jaden‘s grit and determination whilst working on the movie. The actor added, “I can see through his eyes: ‘I want to be like my dad. I want to be famous.’However, when asked about his 27-year-old son Jaycee, who is in the music field, Jackie revealed how he gets extremely angry when talking about his son. The actor added, “I just think my son is too lazy. I tell Will Smith: Can I adopt your son?”

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