Why Did Eminem Thank Will Smith During His Speech at Rock Hall of Fame?

Why Did Eminem Thank Will Smith During His Speech at Rock Hall of Fame?

Eminem recently made a special mention of Will Smith. The artist is considered one of the best rappers of all time. On the other hand, Smith is one of the most renowned actors in the world. What’s common is both have been hip-hop artists as well as actors at some stage. Though their equation did exactly start off on best terms.

Will Smith during a Grammy’s speech once mocked rappers that use cuss words in their songs. He also once told Eminem that he will either be the biggest hit or the biggest flop. This did not sit well with some rappers, including Eminem. Eminem later dissed back at the actor in his Real Slim Shady song. It’s been decades since then, and now The King Richard actor has made it to Eminem’s speech of graciousness.

What did Eminem say about Will Smith in his speech?

Eminem saw a big celebration recently of his career recently. The actor was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. During a speech, he said, “I know this induction is supposed to be me talking about myself and sh*t, man, but f*ck that.” He named over 100 artists one of which was Will Smith.

But instead of referring to him by his name, he referred to Smith as Fresh Prince. Which was Smith’s rap name at the beginning of his career. The audience kept cheering throughout hearing the long list. On the event that took place on 6th November, he also performed along with Ed Sheeran on stage. But his speech of graciousness was probably the highlight of the night.

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He also thanked Dr. Dre for helping him pull out of drug addiction. The actor ended the speech by saying how he is a high school dropout. And that hip hop is all he learned, with the people on the list being his teachers throughout the journey. So despite his initial rift with Will Smith, the Lose Yourself singer was sure to mention him. Smith had also pondered over the idea of getting into the rap scene again. Perhaps they both could work together on a single hit.

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