Why Blake Lively Wants to Be Seen as a “working mother”

Why Blake Lively Wants to Be Seen as a “working mother”

Blake Lively may not have been your favorite character on Gossip Girls, but she smoothly makes her way into everyone’s favorite actresses list. After debuting with Sandman, the actress met her breakthrough role in Serena van der Woodsen in the high society teen drama Gossip Girl. The actress has since then only climbed up the ladder of success with one brilliant performance after another.

Apart from her dazzling career, Lively is also known for making half of the best couple with her husband Ryan Reynolds. And has mastered the art of making the most buzzworthy pregnancy announcements. The thirty-five-year-old actress is now pregnant with her fourth child which she of course in typical Blake Lively fashion announced by showing up looking gorgeous on the red carpet. With her awaiting her fourth child, we would like to remind the Internet of Blake Lively’s remarkable words on motherhood.

Blake Lively wants her kids to know THIS

The Gossip Girls actress has three daughters. James, Inez, and Betty. While launching her collaborative Betty Buzz non-alcoholic mixer line with British Airways she emphasized finding self-identity despite motherhood. Furthermore, Lively said in an interview with People magazine that she wants her three daughters to be whatever they dream of becoming when they are older. We are sure Ryan Raynolds would is not keen on keeping celebrity as an option.

Blake Lively said that she wanted her daughters to see her as a “working mother.” And she vehemently tries to make them understand that despite motherhood being “all-encompassing” it is important to know that you can still do what you want.

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The best way to be the best mother is to show that you can have a life and have a passion and have an identity outside of just being a mother,” said Lively. And while still adding blockbusters to her filmography, The Green Lantern actress is doing just that.

Therefore through her work and passion, she wants to be an inspiration and an example for her daughters. No wonder her husband thinks that she is a “renaissance woman.” The actress is extremely protective of her children, calling out paparazzi whenever they cross the line. And while the internet has many pieces of advice to give, this is Blake Lively’s take on motherhood.

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