Why an Onscreen Kiss Between Sydney Sweeney and Peyton Kennedy Had the Internet Fueling

Why an Onscreen Kiss Between Sydney Sweeney and Peyton Kennedy Had the Internet Fueling

Sydney Sweeney is known for her portrayal of bold on-screen scenes, for which she receives vast appreciation. Of course, some people do not like her explicit scenes and call her out for them, but she does them anyway without hesitation as far as the demand of the scene is concerned. However, a single kiss of hers caused quite a stir. The 25-year-old actress’ breakout series was Netflix’s 2018 hit Everything Sucks, in which she played the role of a teenager named Emaline Addario.

While she received massive appreciation for her role, there was something about her character that received backlash. It was a kissing scene between her and her co-star Peyton Kennedy (who played Kate Messner). Surprisingly, it was not the lesbian kiss that made people mad; it was something else that made them furious.

It was the real-life age gap between these two stars that got the internet screaming. Kate and Emaline were 15 and 16 years old when they kissed on the show, which does not appear to be a big deal. However, the real-life age gap between the stars was 6 years as Kennedy was 14 and Sweeney was 20.

The infamous kiss appeared in the last episode of season one and it received a huge backlash from the netizens. Many people thought that not only it was extremely problematic, but they were also worried about parental concerns of the actors. While this was a major issue for the people, there was a boy who Emaline kissed in the show, which would have been more problematic if it was the other way around, in terms of age.

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Who else did Sydney Sweeney kiss with a huge age gap?

Sweeney’s character Emaline was the Drama club queen and someone who was confused about her sexuality. She also kissed a boy named McQuaid in the show played by Rio Mangini. He was 15 years old when the kiss happened on screen and shared a 5-year gap with the Euphoria actress.

However, what concerned people more was what if the situation was reversed and instead of Mangini, Sweeney was 15 years old. It would have been a much bigger controversy.

While these issues were raised at the beginning of Sydney Sweeney’s career, she did not get nervous. Instead, she came out as a stronger actor who kept doing controversial roles, which eventually landed her two Emmy Nominations.

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