Who Is the Real “Crypto King” Behind Netflix’s ‘Trust No One’? Here’s Everything You Should Know About QuadrigaCX Founder Gerry Cotton

Who Is the Real “Crypto King” Behind Netflix’s ‘Trust No One’? Here’s Everything You Should Know About QuadrigaCX Founder Gerry Cotton

The world has evolved drastically in just a few decades. Releasing of smartphones in 2008 caused an upward growth in almost every sector of human civilization. A massive change in how we perceive currency and money occurred with the introduction of cryptocurrency. However, this sector has its considerable risks, one that people had to experience in 2019. And Netflix with its taste for true-crime documentaries is releasing Trust No One, about the huge crypto “fraud.”


Trust No One Netflix releases trailer

Netflix has a huge library of true crime documentaries, which are interesting to watch and are highly informative. Now among the likes of Tiger King, Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer, American Murder: The Family Next Door, Netflix is adding its newest documentary, Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King. And we have a fresh new trailer about the crypto fraud of insanely high numbers.

Based on real events, the film will be about Gerry Cotton. Gerry was as normal a person as any. His friends and people who knew him would describe him as “friendly, positive,” and “upbeat.” Not only that, he was a successful entrepreneur who established QuadrigaCX, Canada’s largest center for crypto exchange.

However, things take a turn for the worst for everyone when Gerry passes away under mysterious circumstances, taking the password of all who had money in QuadrigaCX to the heavenly abode.

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People instantly start to question his dubious death. Accusing him and his wife of staging his death and running away with their money. The film will try to answer these questions and dive into this $190 million fraud.

Release date and cast

The movie will be available for streaming from March 20th. Meanwhile, you can check out the trailer for Trust No One here.

Luke Sewell is directing the film. Luke is a London-based director, who specializes in making documentary films. His previous works include Bad SportGeneration Gifted, and No Place To Call Home.

So will you be streaming the film on the 20th or not? Do tell us how you feel about the crypto currencies and if you trade in them.                                                                              

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