Who Is Chelsy Davy, the Woman Meghan Markle Wants Prince Harry to Be Away From?

Who Is Chelsy Davy, the Woman Meghan Markle Wants Prince Harry to Be Away From?

Various reports have suggested a rift between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. It is believed that the former actress is extremely upset with the royal prince for trying to be in touch with Chelsy Davy. The Duke of Sussex is coming up with his memoir titled Spare on January 10. To make his book more relatable and polished, the royal decided to add the perspective of the people from his past as well.

Prince Harry contacted a lot of people to get in touch with his ghostwriter, J.R. Moehringer. One among them was Chelsy Davy. Though Davy declined the offer, Meghan Markle has taken offense from her husband. The Suits alum was “rankled when she found out he’d hit up Chelsy.” What is the connection between Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy that Markle was so much miffed with the Sussex royal?

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What relation Chelsy Davy shared with Prince Harry in the past?

If you have been a royal fan for a decade or so, you must have heard the name, Chelsy Davy. The Zimbabwean businesswoman was constantly mentioned in the British tabloids, as she was the first serious girlfriend of Prince Harry. The Duke met Davy in 2004 and they were in a relationship until 2011. You can measure the seriousness of the relationship with the fact that the Prince took the jewelry brand owner home to introduce her to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Moreover, she joined the younger prince for the much-hyped wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in April 2011. Despite being in love with each other, Davy and Harry broke up in 2011 as the former got a cold feat. Chelsy Davy could not vision living a life as a royal woman as she found it extremely uncomfortable.

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The businesswoman is now happily married to Sam Cutmore-Scott. She also welcomed her son, Leo, this year. Both Davy and Harry are happy with their respective partners now. However, Meghan Markle’s insecurity is valid as it is a known fact that Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy would have been happily married if the Zimbabwe-born had not stepped back

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