Who Are the Young Prince William(s) and Kate Middleton in ‘The Crown’ Season 6? Where Have You Seen Them Before?

Who Are the Young Prince William(s) and Kate Middleton in ‘The Crown’ Season 6? Where Have You Seen Them Before?

Netflix’s most beloved royal show, The Crown, is back breaching top headlines once again. The Netflix blockbuster has extensively portrayed the life and time of the great Imperial Family of Britain. It started off with the late Queen Elizabeth II in her early stages before ascending to the British throne. Ever since, touching upon all big and small historical events, including the extensive chapter of Princess Diana’s tragic life, the show has finally come to the new generation of royals.  

Gaining more viewers than ever, the Netflix original seems to be pretty serious with its new age Waleses. The role of Prince William will have two actors, each catering to his naïve teenager and juvenile Prince stages, respectively. And we must say, the transition of the stars could not be any greater. Rufus Kampa will portray the 15-year-old as he struggles with his disturbed childhood overburdened with the task of preparing himself for Monarchy. 

Kampa was previously known for his geeky bespectacled schoolboy Adrian Mole in the stage adaptation of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole. While playing the next King to the throne, he will all be swarmed by girls as in a typical high school drama. However, in his previous role, he could hardly come to face it face with anyone around. All he did was end up blankly gazing at the illicit copies of the Big and Bouncy Magazine. 

Taking it forward will be Ed McVey, who is going to depict the young adult Prince William. With him, Prince William graduates from St Andrew’s and goes ahead with his lady love, Kate Middleton. McVey has a better CV as compared to his younger counterpart. He has been long involved in theater and is currently in works with a Cabaret production at London’s KitKat house. 

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Both Ed McVey and Rufus Kampa are Prince William in The Crown Season 6

Both the stars once took to social media to share some behind the screens with their fans. As Kampa was seen all calm, McVey seemed pretty excited to kick-start his major on-screen career as Britain’s future king. Speaking of the Duchess, a budding star, Meg Bellamy, will play Middleton. She will be shown transitioning from a UK commoner to becoming the next Queen-in-waiting to the throne. It will reportedly be her on-screen debut.

Thus, the last season of The Crown will predominantly have the Waleses and Princess Diana’s life before her demise. The last cover of the show is currently in production and will likely run longer up until May or June this year. Makers are yet to confirm any release date. 

Stay tuned for the latest updates. How did you like the new age stars for their royal roles?

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