While Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Rumored to Play Villain in ‘Armor Wars’, THIS ‘Spiderman’ Anti-Hero Role Could Have Suited Him Better

While Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Rumored to Play Villain in ‘Armor Wars’, THIS ‘Spiderman’ Anti-Hero Role Could Have Suited Him Better

Arnold Schwarzenegger was and still remains one of the biggest action heroes of Hollywood. The actor who started his career as a bodybuilder quickly rose to fame, for both his physique and his personality. The 75-year-old first acted in Hercules in New York and is still getting acting projects for increasingly bigger projects.

The Terminator actor is also speculated to be a part of Marvel’s ever-increasing world. Now there is speculation about him being cast as a villain in Armour Wars. But perhaps there is one more role that he could be cast in instead: The role of one of the antagonists in Spiderman’s world.

Why Arnold Schwarzenegger should be a Spiderman villain instead of Armor Wars

The world of Marvel has only explored more characters and actors through the years. More actors have joined them to play new characters as the company evolves. As per CBR, Arnold Schwarzenegger was confirmed to play a villain in Armor Wars. Don Cheadle has refused to have any knowledge of this, but this speculation has been around for quite a while. But perhaps the actor does better in a Spiderman movie instead of an Iron Man villain since the Stark does not have many notable villains. The most common speculation is of his playing Titanium Man. The character has not appeared in the movie; he appeared in the game.

But even a character so big may or may not be large enough to suit Schwarzenegger. On the other hand, Spiderman has some interesting villains that can be explored. Rhino’s chemical-treated body gives him a bigger appearance. The villainous character could be given better justice than The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with the Austrian actor’s physique.

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Another possible character to play could be Scorpio, who could be introduced on the big screens with a better definition. If MCU actually does end up casting the 75-year-old in Armor Wars, it should be a well-thought-out character. If he cannot reprise the role, it could be a big waste of potential. So far, no date about Armor Wars has been made either.

What is the best villainous character you think would suit Arnold Schwarzenegger? Comment your thoughts.

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