Which Marvel Shows Are Leaving Netflix and Why?

Which Marvel Shows Are Leaving Netflix and Why?

Fans of Marvel are in for a disappointment. Netflix, the world’s largest streaming platform, curates its watching list constantly. Many titles are removed and many others added every single month. Many a times, even popular titles like Inception do not stay on the platform. Other times, Netflix adds removed titles again purely out of fan response as it did with Despicable Me. While there might be some respite to the fabs in the future, they currently will not be happy to know that Marvel shows on Netflix are leaving the platform by the end of March.

Which Marvel shows are leaving Netflix?

Here are all the shows that will leave Netflix by March 1, 2022:

However, keeping in mind the long list of action sequences on Netflix, fans shouldn’t be too disappointed.

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Why are they leaving Netflix?

Other than Originals made by the platform itself, Netflix makes shows available on the platform by licensing them. Usually, these end after a certain period, marking the end of their time on Netflix itself. As of now, the rights to these shows have reverted back to Disney.

According to Forbes, “Netflix’s deal with Marvel reportedly contained a clause where Netflix would still retain the rights to these shows and characters for two years after the shows finished airing.” Daredevil was canceled in November 2018 and Jessica Jones first appeared on the platform in June 2019, making this the time for the shows to move to another streaming service.

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Where can I watch them again?

As viewers might have noticed, there is a pattern of Marvel shows and their availability on platforms. The most popular and mainstream shows related to the universe appear on Disney+, while the other PG-rated shows stay on other services like Netflix or Hulu.

Considering how these Marvel shows are leaving Netflix, they will be available soon on Disney+, or Hulu.

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However, they are here, for now, stream them on Netflix before March 1st.

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