Which Incident Made Jason Bateman Cut a Line, Tick Off A Mob, and Then Apologize Issuing Mea Culpa

Which Incident Made Jason Bateman Cut a Line, Tick Off A Mob, and Then Apologize Issuing Mea Culpa

No matter how big of a star we are, we all have somewhat of a little shame stained on our way. Life is never all roses, and this holds true worldwide for eminent directors. Netflix blockbuster series, Ozark Kingpin Jason Bateman, is no exception either. Long ago, some decades before, Bateman was openly involved in public chaos, and the mistake lay completely on his side. 

Bringing back one of the very few times when a straight-faced man like Jason Bateman has lost his control, here is an instance where a poor mob of people had to face the wrath of his blown-up fuse. This is an anecdote from the year 2010. Technology back then had not gotten its wings or the edge it has today. New products like iPhones and such were new to the market and had an all-time high around the same. 

Jason Bateman and his alleged 2010 iPhone riot

Jason’s story traces all the way back to the huge crowd of people who had queued up to get the then newly launched iPhone 4. The actor, then 41, had ticked off a mob of 2000 people in the Great iPhone Riot. He had allegedly cut in the line of the ridiculously long queue to reach out first and snatch an iPhone. The crowd gathered had turned extremely furious, calling him names and abusing him. He was reportedly booed by a lot of people present in the area. 

However, as always, Bateman turned a deaf ear, got his work done, and walked away. Although his actions broke the roof, it had left the others in the line in a state of pique. Witnesses who were terribly infuriated expressed to USmagazineIt was so much drama!” While adding further, they said, “It was the most surreal experience.” However, the Ozark star later apologized for cutting in the line. 

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Although some of them could understand the situation, others had a bone to pick with the star. “People were so pissed because that line was ridiculous,” commented another witness. Bateman, who had disturbed the entire harmony of people in the line, had at once vanished, snubbing other audiences and paps around him. 

What do you think of such an action by the most hilariously and humorously talented director in the industry?

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