Where Was ‘Pieces of Her’ Filmed? Check Out the Filming Locations

Where Was ‘Pieces of Her’ Filmed? Check Out the Filming Locations

Our eyes regularly trick us. What we see or think we know is often a lie. That is the premise of the Netflix thriller Pieces of Her, directed by Minkie Spiro. Andy, the main character, discovers that her mother Laura had a very suspicious past that she was unaware of. She thought she knew everything there was to know about her mother. The creators of such fictional shows or movies frequently deceive us, the audience. This series is set in a small town in the American state of Georgia, but the filming locations of Pieces of Her is outside the country: Australia to be more specific.

The show is set in Belle Isle, which is most likely a stand-in for Belle Island, a real place in Georgia. In terms of filming locations, the cast and crew flew to Sydney, the capital city of the state of New South Wales.

Locations that appear in the episodes

The places that feature in the series are:

Homebush, Sydney
Umina Beach, New South Wales
Blue Mountains, New South Wales
North Ryde, Sydney

New South Wales Minister for the Arts, Don Harwin, earlier spoke about the filming of Pieces of Her. He said, “Netflix’s Pieces of Her will deliver a substantial investment to the state’s economy and provide a significant amount of work for local cast and crew along with catering, security and other on-set operation.”

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Toni Collette loved filming in Sydney

Toni Collette didn’t have to fly to another continent to film her series Pieces of Her for a change. Normally, the actress is required to work in different countries or continents. But this time she could film all the scenes for the show closer to home, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Toni said, “It was amazing to work in Sydney and to sleep in my own bed and see my kids while I was working you know. That was also challenging because I had to make school lunches and do drop-offs and try do it all” As a result, it was both a challenging and enjoyable experience for the actress.

Did we miss any of the locations featured on the show? Re-watch the enthralling Netflix series Pieces of Her and let us know if we missed out on any filming location in Sydney.

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