Where to Watch ‘30 Rock’ Now That It’s Gone From Netflix

Where to Watch ‘30 Rock’ Now That It’s Gone From Netflix

Goodbyes are difficult, but for a family, it’s impossible. That being said, there are very few sitcoms and series that become just as close to heart as family. With so many jokes jam-packed into each and every episode, these sitcoms teach us that comedy is at its best when it operates from an emotionally grounded place. One such sitcom was 30 Rock which has been a major fan favorite over the years. But unfortunately, it’s time we bid it goodbye at Netflix as the show has left the platform again.

As we welcome fall, it’s time to bid farewell to 30 Rock on Netflix, once again

We are saddened to bring you this news, but the 31st of July was the last date to binge-watch 30 Rock. The American streaming giant has removed all the 139 episodes from the platform most probably due to licensing technicalities with NBC Universal. For typical Netflix junkies, this doesn’t come as a great blow. This has already happened once in the past: The show just lived for a span of 3 years from 2014, with all seven seasons leaving the platform by October 2017. Well, this time, there might be no return. So worry you not, as we tell you where your beloved show is still sheltered.

Even though it has left Netflix US, the show is still available on at least three more platforms. Best of all three is the all-time natural home of the show, Peacock. It’s open to all free and premium users with zero extra charges. Apart from Peacock, the show streams on Hulu, although the time limit of the service is unknown. The Roku channel is also hosting all seven seasons of the show. However, viewers will most likely prefer the above two since they’re easily accessible.

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Here’s a HOT take: ALL of ‘30 Rock’ was PERFECT

Not only 30 Rock but the Emmy-winning drama series Friday Night Lights also left the OTT platform on the same day as the former in the US. Meanwhile, Parks and Reactions will leave the platform internationally in August 2022. Three years forward, the critically acclaimed show of all time, Breaking Bad, is leaving the platform in 2025. 

The show’s consistency and hysteria are popular among its binge-watchers but the streaming age is glad to bring new audiences every day to this underrated gem. First aired in the same era as The Office/Friends, this underdog didn’t get its fair share of fame and glory. With a final adieu to 30 Rock, we hope to get syndicated reruns of such great shows every now.

Have you watched 30 Rock before? What did you think of the show? Comment down below.

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