“Where that’s come from”- Kit Harington Jokes About His Son’s Smartness as He Drops a Surprising News Regarding Personal and Professional Life

“Where that’s come from”- Kit Harington Jokes About His Son’s Smartness as He Drops a Surprising News Regarding Personal and Professional Life

Children are supposed to follow the steps of their parents, but Kit Harington and his wife Rose Leslie are not so keen on that! The man who gained fame after portraying Jon Snow on HBO’s Game of Thrones recently appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He dropped some real heartwarming news and divulged some information about his toddler son!

Although Harington became a household name as Jon Snow, he has several credits to his name. He jumped from HBO to Marvel directly when he made his entry into the universe in Eternals. A fairly new father, he still finds his toddler quite amusing. And as a doting father, thinks he is meant for something bigger and better!

Kit Harington is perplexed over his toddler’s intelligence 

During the recent chat with Jimmy Fallon, the Jon Snow actor revealed that his son is really smart. But while that is great, he is not sure how it is possible considering that both he and Leslie are actors. “We are not sure that’s-where that’s come from?” he confessed. He further revealed that his son loves getting applauded too much. So he worries that he might want to follow in their footsteps and become an actor. Instead, he wants his son to do something better with that brain of his like saving the world! 

Apart from gushing about his 2-year-old’s smartness, he also revealed that they were expecting a second time. Kit Harington dropped the happy news when he said that his son was about to get a sibling. However, he still has not quite conceptually grasped the subject of another baby in the family.

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The parents are still trying their best to get their son ready to welcome a younger sibling. The couple has tried several ways. They have tried to point at Rose’s belly and tell him that she’s carrying another baby. But the toddler only imitates their actions, making the parents laugh. The 36-year-old confessed that becoming a father for the second time is different. He became practical too fast knowing what was in store beforehand.

Harrington’s share of good news did not stop at personal life. The actor also teased a Jon Snow spin-off in the works. Should it be true, fans will be beyond happy as they loved him as the Night’s Watch.

Are you excited for Harrington’s personal and professional life after his announcements? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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