Where Is the Live Action Remake of ‘Attack on Titan’? Fans Wonder as Netflix Announced a ‘One Piece’ Live Action Adaptation

Where Is the Live Action Remake of ‘Attack on Titan’? Fans Wonder as Netflix Announced a ‘One Piece’ Live Action Adaptation

After Netflix’s announcement of a live-action adaptation of one of the most loved mangas, One Piece, fans wondered about another iconic Manga for a live-action adaptation. The Attack on Titan live-action adaptation. This year, the anime will be dropping its last season after a successful run over the years. However, fans haven’t had enough of it and are even ready to give a live-action adaptation a chance.

One thing to know about anime fans is that they have been disappointed by live-action adaptations too many times. So much so, that an interesting adaptation that stays true to the source material is a dream to them. However, for a masterpiece like Attack on Titan, they are willing to try.

Despite rumors and supposed progress being reported about the live-action remake, there is yet to be an official announcement. The previous live-action adaptations of the manga did not strike a chord with the audience owing to the changes made by Hajime Isayama to pack a punch within the runtime of the movie. The cherished manga resembles an onion with its layered storyline. One that is very hard to unravel fully in an hour or two-hour-long movie.

The anime series, although long, revolves around a very simple yet intriguing plot. It follows Eren Yeager as he sets out to avenge the Titans for his mother’s death. However, he soon realizes that attacking the Titans was not an easy business.

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Given the growing interest in animes, a live-action adaptation of a masterpiece like Attack on Titan would do wonders on any platform. It is only a matter of time before someone sees the potential.

Will Netflix make a live-action adaptation of Attack on Titan?

The OTT Mogul was among the first to taste the sweet success of animes. Netflix recognized that the Anime community is not restricted to Asian countries but is very global.

The streaming giant not only brought the broadcasting rights to evergreen animes but also put its money into making original high-quality animes. This is one of the major reasons why they decided to make a live-action movie out of One Piece. While Netflix is yet to raise its hands for the live-action adaptation of Attack on Titan, it would be the most suitable production and platform.

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