Where is Dude? 6 Feet 7 Inches Ryan Reynolds From ‘Free Guy’ is Off From The Limelight

Where is Dude? 6 Feet 7 Inches Ryan Reynolds From ‘Free Guy’ is Off From The Limelight

When Ryan ‘Guy’ Reynolds met his heavily jacked, 6 feet 7 inches ripped alter ego ‘Dude’ in his 2021 action comedy, Free Guy, we all had our jaws dropped. In this breezily intoxicating expedition to the unknown, the Canadian actor is his usual two steps away from his insincerity self. And even though you may not be a gamer, the science fiction flick would make you want to grab your controller and play for yourself.

While the video game movie does bring you stomach-aching laughter, wall-to-wall action, and wit like no other, it is all common to the Ryan Reynolds movies. However, two things that were rather uncommon and quickly piqued the interest of the masses resided in its creative lexicon, and the Wrexham AFC owner’s heavily ripped and tall alter ego. And as soon as Reynolds dropped in one of his YouTube videos who actually is behind this hulk-like figure, the world was utterly dumbstruck. So let us take you back to Reynolds’ video game world and introduce to you the tallest thug of all.

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This was the person behind Ryan ‘dude’ Reynolds in Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds’ huge hulk like version was the former WWE pro-Wrestler and bodybuilder Aaron W. Reed. Also known as one of the tallest in his profession, it was the SAG actor’s body placed beneath Reynolds’ head. When The Adam Project actor revealed his true identity, fans were more than astonished to know what miracles CGI can do.

Back in August 2021, producer Shawn Levy revealed via yahoo that they had the concept of “Ryan fighting Ryan” in mind. They wanted an upgrade, a taller, more muscular version of him, so when they began their exploration, Reed came out as the person for the work. Furthermore, the bodybuilder also revealed back then that he had “fun working with Ryan Reynolds.”

However, getting in shape after the covid-19 wave for some additional shoots in January 2020 was a task for him as “he cruise-control in November and December” every year. Meanwhile, if you ask where Aaron Reed is right now, the big guy was last chilling with his crew at Laguna beach, California.

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