Where Have You Seen the “Palestinian in Houston” Mo Amer and Other Netflix ‘Mo’ Cast Before?

Where Have You Seen the “Palestinian in Houston” Mo Amer and Other Netflix ‘Mo’ Cast Before?

With Netflix releasing hundreds of shows every year, we are bound to see some characters in more than one show. Netflix recently released Mo, a comedy series produced by A24 on its platform. The show, starring comedian Mohammed Mustafa Amer, also known as Mo Amer, follows the story of a Palestinian family living in Houston as refugees. But what exactly is Mo about, and who all are a part of it?

Mo Amer on Netflix

The series is loosely fictionalised, and we can see Mo Amer playing Mo Najjar, a partially fictional version of himself. It is based on Mo Amer’s version of what it was like growing up in Houston as a Palestinian refugee. The story digs deeper into Mo Amer’s family history. We see how a Palestinian family adapts to life in Texas and Mo’s struggle to provide for his family. Moreover, it perfectly depicts a Palestinian refugee family’s challenges while trying to become US citizens. Here’s the official trailer of the series:

The series is well-balanced, satirical and emotional in equal parts and will surely make one shed a tear after watching it. However, the way Islam interacts with family drama, as seen in the series, is a bit of a new phenomenon for mainstream American comedy audiences.

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Other shows featuring the cast of Mo

Previously, we have seen comedian Mo Amer in Netflix’s Mo Amer: The Vagabond and DC superhero movie Black Adam.

The series also stars American Rapper Tobe Nwigwe as Nick, Mo’s oldest and most loyal friend. Tobe also appeared on Black Renaissance: The Art and Soul of Our Stories

Known for her role in Netflix’s American crime drama Narcos, Teresa Ruiz is also a part of the series. Teresa plays Maria, Mo’s supportive girlfriend. Other cast members include Omar Elba as Sameer Najar and Farah Bseiso as Yusra Najar. Notably, Omar also appeared in Holograms of King, starring alongside Tom Hanks.

Overall, the show contains 8 episodes of 30 minutes each. If you enjoyed watching Mo, be sure to check out these Comedy Dramas: Never Have I Ever, Man vs Bee and Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix.

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