Where Have You Seen the New ‘Deadpool 3’ Villain Emma Corrin Before?

Where Have You Seen the New ‘Deadpool 3’ Villain Emma Corrin Before?

Over the past few months, Deadpool 3 has become one of the most anticipated projects that will be making its way to our screens in 2024. Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of hype surrounding the third installment of the movie. Apart from Hugh Jackman’s celebrated return as Wolverine to the franchise, a lot of new faces will be starring in the Ryan Reynolds movie. Joining the bandwagon of new actors who are going to be a part of the third installment is Emma Corrin.

While this is the first time Corrin will be appearing in a Deadpool film, the actor is not a newbie to the industry. Throughout the years, Corrin has starred in multiple projects. So which films and shows have Corrin been a part of?

Films and shows featuring Emma Corrin

Emma Corrin, who will be making their MCU debut in Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3, has starred in various popular projects in the past. Furthermore, they are no strangers to joining popular franchises. Here are a few films and shows featuring the English actor:

1) Grantchester

Emma Corrin made their debut on television with an appearance in an episode of the popular detective series Grantchester. The English actor starred as Esther Carter in an episode of the drama.

2) Pennyworth

It might surprise you to know that Deadpool 3 is not the first comic book film Corrin will star in. Previously, in 2019, Corrin featured in an Epix series Pennyworth. Later on, the main character soldier Alfred Pennyworth goes on to become Batman’s butler in DC.

3) Misbehaviour

Released in 2020, Misbehaviour marked Corrin’s debut in movies. The English actor played the role of Jillian Jesus in the comedy movie.

4) The Crown

One of Corrin’s first breakthrough roles was in Netflix’s popular drama The Crown. Corrin played the role of a young Princess Diana in fourth season of the historical drama. Corrin’s popularity skyrocketed after their performance in the series. In the fifth season of the show in works, Corrin was replaced by Elizabeth Debicki, who plays Princess Diana’s older version.

5) Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Not long ago, the actor starred in Netflix’s romantic film Lady Chatterley’s Lover alongside Jack O’Connell. Corrin starred as Lady Chatterley while Connell played the role of Oliver Mellors.

6) Retreat

Apart from Deadpool 3, Corrin has a few other projects lined up for the upcoming year. One of the upcoming projects by Corrin is Retreat. As reported by Deadline, the actor will headline the upcoming murder mystery project.

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Ryan Reynolds welcomes Corrin to Deadpool 3

Not long ago, Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter as welcomed Emma Corrin to the cast of Deadpool 3. Reportedly, the actress will play a villain in the upcoming film. However, there are not much details about the actress’s role in the film.

Are you excited to witness Corrin make their MCU debut? Do let us know in the comments below.

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