Where Can You Watch the ‘Halloween’ Film Series, Before Binging on The Latest ‘Halloween Ends’?

Where Can You Watch the ‘Halloween’ Film Series, Before Binging on The Latest ‘Halloween Ends’?

October steps in with the craze of watching all spooky horror movies with friends and families. Nevertheless, all streaming platforms have been serving the purpose well by giving us a myriad of horror movies that sent a chill down our spine. The best of them all is The Halloween saga called David Gordon Green’s Halloween Trilogy. The third sequel is officially opening on the 14th of October ahead of Halloween. But where can you watch the previous two before the sequel arrives?

To our bad luck, the American streaming giant, Netflix does not host the Halloween series. Although it has many other dreaded movies of all time, you will not be able to watch Halloween Ends on Netflix. Fortunately, there are other platforms at your service.

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Where to watch the film series before Halloween Ends releases?

As was the norm with the first two movies, the upcoming movie, Halloween Ends, will be releasing its previews just one day prior to the official release. Once it comes out, Universal Studios and Blumhouse will let the movie play in every big and small theater network in the United States. Halls like Regal and AMC cinemas also come in the broad spectrum.

Halloween Ends will also be streaming on Peacock TV on the same day of its theatrical release. Hence, screen lovers can also have their shot at enjoying this unusual exorcist sequel right in their homes. However, for its complete access, viewers will have to take a premium subscription. Peacock provides two options for the same called Peacock Premium and Peacock Plus. For your best experience, it is also to note that the latter of both packs removes ads from the service.

Like the latest movie, the first two films, Halloween and Halloween Kills, are available for streaming on Peacock.

Are you all ready for this upcoming blood-freezing Halloween movie to give you the best of it so far? Have you seen the first two movies yet? What do you expect from the upcoming sequel? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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