Where Can You Get Entergalactic Merch for Yourself?

Where Can You Get Entergalactic Merch for Yourself?

The audience cannot stop talking about Entergalactic and for all the right reasons. The animated movie seems far from animation and close to reality despite being one. Furthermore, the movie is Kid Cudi’s masterpiece. For those of you who do not know, Kid Cudi is an American Grammy award-winning rapper. The flick goes hand in hand with Cudi’s album which he has been hyping for the past year. It seems like the musician is out to create a whole empire out of the album.

Entergalactic not only has a flick but also l merchandise. A major reason behind this being the focus put into the outfits of the characters in the animated TV special. The plot of this masterpiece boils down to a full-of-life artist named Jabari. Over the course of ninety-two minutes, the movie follows Jabari as he struggles between love and success. When Cudi said we were going to be mind blown, he wasn’t kidding because the movie has 80% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. To add the cherry on top, the artist is coming out with Entergalactic merch.

What is special about Entergalactic merch?

Created by Scott Mescudi and Kenya Barris, Entergalactic is a one-of-a-kind anime series. Given that it is inspired by an album and also has merch coming out, Entergalactic is well on its way to having its own cinematic universe. The movie stars high-profile artists such as Scott Mescudi, Jessica Williams, Ty Dolla Sign, and Timothee Chalamet as voice artists.

Apart from the brilliant storyline and the amazing music, fans were fascinated by how the characters were never seen in the same outfit. The makers roped in late renowned fashion designer Virgil Ablogh. The designer became the first ever African American to become an artistic director at a fashion house. Ablogh designed all of Jabar’s incredible streetwear, which now you will be able to wear through the Entergalactic merch.

How to buy it?

A stable in the clothing industry, Staple and Netflix are joining hands to bring to us some dope streetwear. The collection will consist of t-shirts, jackets, beanies, and most importantly the ‘Closure’ hoodie that Jabari is seen wearing in the special.

You can purchase Entergalactic merch on the official Staple site. The merch will also be available on Netflix.shop page after a few hours.

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