When Yeezy Multi-Billionare Owner Kanye West Sent Fans Whizzing With a Whopping 6-figure Sum Worth Gold-Plated Toilets

When Yeezy Multi-Billionare Owner Kanye West Sent Fans Whizzing With a Whopping 6-figure Sum Worth Gold-Plated Toilets

You may have seen affluent people on television owning things like supercars, private yachts, and mansions, while many of us refuse to believe that such extravagant purchases are possible in real life. Why would anyone spend their money on anything? But Kanye West would certainly convince you that money can buy whatever feels good to you. The Yeezy owner is one of the richest rappers in Hollywood with a $90M property empire among other treasures. According to the current composition, his net worth is $6.6 Billion. And West loves to invest his fortune for his comfort as was obvious when he got himself a whopping 6-figure sum worth of gold-plated toilets.

Kanye West once splurged $750m on gold toilets in his Bel Air mansion

We all have seen that Kanye West loves to spend his wealth on lifestyle from diamonds to swanky gifts. He bought several items with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian when they were married. One of those costly purchases included gold toilets in their starkly minimalist mansion.

According to a report by The Sun, the Heartless singer bought four gold-plated toilet seats in 2013. He moved into the Bel Air home after one year of marriage, where Kim and their kids were supposed to live after the divorce. Amusingly, it doesn’t feel too much for a billionaire to receive nature’s call on a gold pot.

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The rapper didn’t just stop there, he bought a Swarovski encrusted fridge for their kitchen and Louis Vuitton wheelie bins. Apart from these extraordinary possessions, the Bel Air Mansion has astounding works of art, including $25k bathroom sink which was designed by a specialist in Kanye’s supervision. Thus, there is no doubt that the man, who owns a big brand and has huge partnerships, can buy anything.

Fans laud the golden “throne”

Back in 2013, Kanye West left his fans baffled after the news of this gold plated toilet came out. Many were swooning over the staggering amount he spent for his washroom.

What do you think about the most expensive toilet? What would you do with all that unlimited money if you were in Kanye’s place? Share your ideas with us in the comment section.

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