When Will ‘The Flash’ Season 8 Arrive on Netflix? Here’s What We Know

When Will ‘The Flash’ Season 8 Arrive on Netflix? Here’s What We Know

CW’s most popular and longest-running show, The Flash will be dropping on Netflix soon. But the question remains whether it is going to drop in full or will the episodes arrive on a weekly basis? The superhero series in its eighth season is based on a DC comic book of the same name. The show debuted on CW in 2014 and is an expansion of the Arrowverse universe. The latest season started off with the Armageddon Crossover event. It is currently the fifth graphic novel in the series.

The Flash release date on Netflix in the US and other regions

According to a previous deal with The CW, all CW shows are to arrive on the streamer during their entire run and an additional 5 years. This deal also included a clause that stated that all The CW shows will release on the platform 8 days after the season’s finale. But the catch here is that this deal ended in 2019. Hence, it is fairly difficult to say for sure when season 8 will arrive.

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As mentioned earlier, the show began airing on November 16th, 2021. But it went on a short break after 5 episodes. The broadcaster released the remaining episodes starting from March 9, 2022. As it is, the show will wrap up in April 2022. In that case, we can assume that US Netflix will get The Flash season 8 in the same month itself. 

How many episodes will the superhero show have? 

Like its previous season, The CW show will have 18 episodes. Although Americans will get the show in full, following its finale, the schedule may not be the same for other regions. The Netherlands, Israel, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Canada, Belgium, and Slovakia are likely to get weekly episodes. New episodes air every Tuesday in the US and these regions will get the latest episode by Thursday.

Flash is also going to get his own individual film in November 2022 as per various reports. Grant Gustin essays the lead role on the show, who recently featured in a Netflix movie, Rescued by Ruby

We can’t wait for the new season of The Flash to reach Netflix. What about you?

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