When Will Smith’s Behavior Pushed Jada Pinkett Smith to Jump Off the Roof

When Will Smith’s Behavior Pushed Jada Pinkett Smith to Jump Off the Roof

All of us have done crazy things in love. Jada Pinkett Smith, the American actress and TV host, is not also afraid of doing the unthinkable for the sake of love. The 51-year-old is in a beautiful marriage with actor Will Smith. Hollywood’s power couple has served us with some major relationship goals time and again.

Just like any other normal couple, Smith and Pinkett also bicker and fight with each other. What follows after that are the cute and extraordinary efforts put by the one at fault to resolve the fight. There was one time when Jada Pinkett had just managed to escape from an accident while trying to make it up to an angry Will Smith. 

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Jada Pinkett stunned Will Smith

In an interview with Your Tango, Jada narrated an incident from the early days of her relationship with Will Smith. A Different World alum revealed that there was an instance when she jumped off a roof only to profess her love for her now-husband. The American actress elaborated that Will was mad at her and was sitting in a lounge chair. 

Suddenly, the actor saw Jada falling from the roof while professing her love for him by screaming “I love you, Will.” Thankfully, the actress got away without getting any physical injury. Though the entire incident left the King Richard actor in stitches, he described it as the craziest thing his wife has ever done while being in love. 

“I jumped off a roof into a pool while we were in Jamaica, not knowing I could have broken my neck! I was out of my mind, and Will was mad at me. He tried his best to stay mad, but he couldn’t. He cracked up,” Jada shared.

Meanwhile, it won’t be wrong to say that Will is as crazy in love as his wife. The actor had shaken the entire entertainment fraternity in March this year during the Oscars. He took a historic stand for his wife by slapping the host Chris Rock during the live event for making fun of Jada’s bald look. 

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