When Will Smith Spoke About His Parents and How “They don’t know anything and are winging it”

When Will Smith Spoke About His Parents and How “They don’t know anything and are winging it”

Will Smith is one of the greatest stars that the movie industry has seen. With every performance, he amazed us with his enormous acting abilities. Given his three-decade-long successful career, there is a vast amount of knowledgeable experience that Smith brings to the table. This is why fans love to watch all his interviews. The actor is driven to his craft, honest, and constantly aims at bringing perfection to what he does. The interviews give insight into the person he is behind the glitz and glam. After becoming a parent, Will Smith had much to share about parenting, and he did so in a past interview.

Will Smith on why he thinks he is turning into his father

Long before the Oscar slapgate controversy, while promoting Enemy of the State, Will Smith and Jimmy Carter talked about how the actor is turning into his father. The Oscar-winning actor has talked about how his father was a part of the Air Force. And just like most fathers, Smith’s father, too, had the habit of yelling for no logical reason at all.

He hilariously recounts yelling at his youngest son to figure out what he wants from the refrigerator and not stand there with the door open. This led the actor to a very important realization about not just his parents, but all parents in general. “You always thought your parents knew everything. They don’t know anything. They’re winging it,” said the Men In Black actor. Will, who is now a father of three, has talked about his own parents on various occasions.

In David Letterman’s Netflix show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, Smith talked about his father. While his father was an inspiration in some ways, he also served as the main character in the actor’s most painful memories. He recounted how he and his siblings once saw his father punch his mother so hard that blood came out of her mouth.

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That moment had a huge impact on Will Smith and even led him to believe that he was a coward. The episode, while recorded earlier, came out after the Oscar controversy and did not sit well with the audience. The actor once also opened up more about his traumatic childhood in his YouTube original series Best Shape of My Life.

You can learn more about the actor, his parenting journey, and trauma in his memoir, Will. Will you be reading it? Let us know in the comments below.

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