When Will ‘365 Days 2’ Release on Netflix? Check Latest Updates

When Will ‘365 Days 2’ Release on Netflix? Check Latest Updates

The polish movie, 365 Days dropped on Netflix in 2020 amidst controversies. It was released in the theaters and had a brief run in the UK before launching on the streamer. The movie became a topic of discussion for its streamy BDSM sex scenes and themes revolving around rape and Stockholm syndrome. It is also known as The Polish Fifty Shades of Grey. Upon its release on the streaming platform, the movie quickly settled in the Netflix Top 10 list in 90 countries. Creators of the erotic drama are teasing 365 Days 2 and 3 to fans.

Written and directed by Blanka Lipiñska, it follows a Sicilian Gangster, Massimo who kidnaps Laura and imprisons her for a year. With two beautiful people in a palatial home, sparks were going to fly. 


The flick was panned by the critics but it was not made for Oscars anyway. Seeing the buzz around the movie, Netflix quickly picked it up and it was announced that a sequel will be released soon. The official date has not been announced yet. 

Oprah Daily reported that the movie will start shooting in August 2020, but the pandemic halted the shoot. Reports started flying that the creators have decided to shoot 365 Days 2 and 3 back to back in May 2021. Again the production was delayed and the shooting finally began in June 2021. Unlike the first movie, the sequels won’t be released in the theaters. 

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What can you expect from 365 Days 2?

More and more steamy scenes and a new character add to the already absurd storyline. Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria-Siekluchka are going to reprise their roles as Massimo and Laura, respectively. Other supporting casts will also return for the sequel. 

Part 2 of 365 will see Massimo finding out about Laura’s pregnancy. As soon as they get married and are about to live happily together, Marcelo Nachos Matos enters to ruin the perfect picture. Nachos will kidnap Laura again, and Laura being Laura (she has a thing for kidnappers) will fall for him. Fans will have to wait to find out who Laura ends up with. 

Blanka will be writing the sequels again, and both Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes will make a return to the directors’ seat.  

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