When Sadie Sink Revealed How She Spent The First Big Bucks and Purchased An Alluring Asset

When Sadie Sink Revealed How She Spent The First Big Bucks and Purchased An Alluring Asset

The greatest blockbuster hit of Netflix, Stranger Things has been the finest example of depicting how age does not matter when our skills and talents make their way. The entire Hawkins gang including the new specimens in addition to the core group has been a living embodiment of the same. Child actresses like Sadie Sink and Millie Bobby Brown and the entire child cast had already achieved critical acclaim merely in their teens. Not only fame and glory but our very own MadMax had already made her biggest purchase so far only when she was eighteen. 

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Sadie Elizabeth Sink shared some of her firsts. From her first big stunt on Stranger Things to the first time she cried on camera, all the way to making her first-ever big purchase, she spills it all. We knew her as a skateboard lover but never really knew she was obsessed with the wheels. Any guesses at what she bought first? Read further to know more!

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Sadie Sink spills the beans over her first big asset 

The 20-year-old Texas native took no time to exclaim out of joy that her first-ever big asset was a car. The icing on the cake is, it was not just any normal car but a whole Tesla that she gifted to herself on her 18th birthday. The excitement of achieving this milestone was visible on her face as she said, “It was new! It was exciting and I did it!.

Sink could not help gushing about it all while she also revealed that she had at last sold the car. The reason being could not be any funnier.  According to her, she decided on the Tesla as she did not use it very often. Nevertheless, it would not bother her much since she has an entire collection of four-wheelers.

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Reportedly, Sadie owns three giant muscle cars all of which she bought herself. She owns a fill-size celebrity SUV Cadillac Escalade worth $76,990. In addition to that, she is the master of two AMG Mercedes cars worth $132,700 and $156,450, respectively. 

How did you like Sadie’s fascination with cars? Which one did you like the most? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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