When Ryan Reynolds Took to Instagram to Troll Henry Cavill For His Facial Hair

When Ryan Reynolds Took to Instagram to Troll Henry Cavill For His Facial Hair

Ryan Reynolds is undoubtedly one of the wittiest Hollywood celebrities. The Deadpool actor manages to capture the audience’s attention through hilarious antiques. Not a lot different from his funny movie characters, you may say. But the A-list actor spares no one. Not even The Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill. Ryan managed to resurface Henry’s facial hair controversy and turned it into a laughter riot.

The Green Lantern star has expanded his career’s horizon from being an actor to an entrepreneur. He has been minting money with a major stake in cellphone company Mint Mobile, is the co-owner of the Welsh football club Wrexham A.F.C., and he also invested in the Diego-acquired gin company called Aviation Gin. The actor prefers to be the face of his brands, which is apparent from his active involvement in promotional campaigns by posting on social media platforms. One such Instagram post had Ryan trolling Cavill through creative means.

Here is how Ryan Reynolds trolls Superman Henry Cavill on social media

Ryan Reynolds took on Instagram to post a video that cleverly poked fun at Henry Cavill. In a promotional lad for his brand Aviation Gin, the entrepreneur is seen donning his acting skills. With the superman-like background score, Ryan who is holding the bottle and wearing a mustache goes, “Does drinking Aviation gin make you feel like a superhero?” He then takes a sip from the cup. His mustache has now disappeared just as he says, “I wouldn’t know”. The video sent a laughter riot in the comments, as everyone understood the reference.

The reference made in the video was to Henry Cavill when he had to reshoot a bunch of sequences for his Justice League film. But the actor was already a part of Mission: Impossible-Fallout where he starred with Tom Cruise. The Witcher grew a mustache for the thriller since his character had one too. But we all know that Superman is a clean-shaven hero. So to deal with the situation, Justice League makers hid the mustache on his face for the Superman movie scenes shot later.

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Creative genius Reynolds likely used the same effects that were used for Cavill’s mustache situation, in the 6 Underground actor’s Aviation Gin advertisement. What did you think when you first saw the post? Let us know in the comments below.

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