When Ryan Reynolds Literally Ate Up Robert Downey Jr Not Once but Twice

When Ryan Reynolds Literally Ate Up Robert Downey Jr Not Once but Twice

If there is one celebrity that just loves trolling his friends, it’s Ryan Reynolds. The Canadian never loses an opportunity to roast his friends. And he does not make an exception for his wife either. Funnily enough, only Blake Lively and Hugh Jackman can get back at him. Others are, unfortunately, not a match for the quick-witted actor. Not even Marvel’s favorite Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. 

Robert is highly regarded among his fans for his sarcastic comebacks and winning personality. But oh boy, when the one time he challenged Ryan, the American regretted it. 

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Ryan Reynolds was not intimidated by Robert Downey Jr.

Back in 2019, the ABGO hosted its annual superhero football league. The event invites Hollywood stars that have starred in popular Superhero movies to fight it out on the field. Whoever wins the league, donates the money to a charity of his choice. That year, before Ryan Reynolds and Robert Downey Jr., were about to butt heads, the latter sent a warning message to the Deadpool actor. In his playful intimidation video message, he said he was praying for the actor and threatened to try and eat him in the game. 

Ryan of course took up the challenge. In his reply, he posted a video where he was seen munching on a cookie that had Robert’s face on it. Once he ate that cookie, he went for another one, seemingly to send the message that he could eat him up any day. It came to Downey’s notice and he commented “Touche“! 

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Funnily enough, The Judge actor who was openly challenging Ryan had lost 5 matches out of the 8 he had played. While the Merc with a mouth actor was tied in first place with Chris Hemsworth! The father of three is currently in preparation to welcome another mini Reynolds in the family.

But at the same time, he also has his eyes locked on acquiring Ottawa Senators after Wrexham AFC. Meanwhile, the Iron Man actor shocked everyone with his bald look. The drastic transformation is for his upcoming role in The Sympathizer.

What did you think about this exchange between the two stars?

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