When Ryan Reynolds Had to Sneak In His Cheeky Voice Over for Meghan and Harry’s Exit From the Royal Family

When Ryan Reynolds Had to Sneak In His Cheeky Voice Over for Meghan and Harry’s Exit From the Royal Family

Too much was happening in 2020. There was a pandemic scare and to top it off, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry chose it as the year to start a war with the Royal family. They announced their decision to give up their royal titles and exit from Buckingham Palace. The news gripped the world for several months. Although most refrained from commenting on the exit saga, Ryan Reynolds wasn’t one of them. Instead, he made a cheeky little comment on the royal situation during the time.

In fact, the saga is still ongoing. Although, momentarily, the flames are out, because of the demise of Queen Elizabeth.

Ryan Reynolds offers a hilarious extra option to contestants

Not many know this, but the Wrexham owner executive produced a quiz game show during the height of the pandemic called Don’t! During one of the segments, Adam Scott asked one of the contestants an outdated question: Meghan’s title before she resigned from her position with given options to choose from. They guessed wrong and chose option C – Duchess of Cornwall. 

Since the show was taped seven months ago before airing, the exit saga had not happened. Hence the lack of knowledge on the contestants’ part. However, Ryan Reynolds quipped in wittily “Or E. We taped this seven months ago!” He was hilariously throwing shades at Meghan and Harry’s situation and fans were all loving the sudden commentary. 

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Although people weren’t all caught up with royal tea before the exit saga, they sure are now. The contestants and the viewers most certainly know now that Harry and Meghan were the Duke and Duchess of Sussexes. 

Currently, Meghan and Harry have reunited with their family in the UK since the Queen’s demise. Harry has written a heartfelt letter to the late Queen while Meghan has paused her Spotify podcast in her honor. From the snaps of the two warring brothers on their walkabout together, it looks like there’s a possibility of rapprochement. 

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We wonder what Ryan has to say about this now. Are you wondering the same too? 

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