When Ryan Reynolds ‘Auditioned’ for the Role of Tony Stark’s Father Anthony Stark

When Ryan Reynolds ‘Auditioned’ for the Role of Tony Stark’s Father Anthony Stark

Ryan Reynolds is one of those actors who fought their way into Hollywood since he began working in the 1990s. The actor started his career with a Canadian sitcom and later got the lead role in Two Guys and a Girl. Today, he is one of the most beloved celebrities known for his cynical role in the Deadpool franchise. The 45-year-old actor impressed fans with substantial comic chops and remarkable acting all these years. However, the glamourous world of stardom has tested him and it took years to reach this pinnacle of success. The Free Guy star has faced many rejections, including when he auditioned for the role of Tony Stark’s father Anthony Stark.

Ryan Reynolds tried to get into the Marvel Universe with Iron Man

In 2019, Ryan Reynolds shared his photo from Marvel Studios on Instagram as he went there for an audition. “Auditioned for the role of “Anthony Stark”. Didn’t come even remotely close, but the nice man with the taser escorted me to the ground,” read the caption.

The post instantly caught fans’ attention, and they started speculating that Deadpool is entering MCU. Because the actor didn’t give any details about his meeting with Marvel except in this single photo. The Adam Project star expressed his desire to see Deadpool in the Marvel Universe on the Jimmy Fallon show.

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“If Deadpool were to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I think it would be explosive and amazing and what a sandbox to play in,” exclaimed Ryan. He added that this thing will open infinite opportunities for the Deadpool franchise.

The dream has finally come true with Deadpool 3 

Ryan Reynolds recently announced through his social media that Deadpool 3 will now be a part of MCU. The actor has shared two videos till now, revealing that Hugh Jackman and Brad Pitt will be seen again. Much to fans’ surprise, Logan is still alive and there are chances that Deadpool might be seen in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. Meanwhile, fans have started making their theories about how amazing it would be to see the Merc with a Mouth with other superheroes.

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