When Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell Blessed With Their Rendition of Mika’s Song Grace Kelly

When Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell Blessed With Their Rendition of Mika’s Song Grace Kelly

Watching our favorite actors sing some of the most beautiful songs is nothing but a great treat for our eyes and ears. How does it make you feel to imagine Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell sing a song on different notes together? Well, we have seen them together on-screen in a movie. But we have a different video of the two stars singing MIKA’s one of the beautiful songs, Grace Kelly.

MIKA is a Lebanese-born British singer-songwriter. He became one of the biggest overnight stars when he released his infectious pop anthem Grace Kelly in 2007. Mika’s first full-length album, Life in Cartoon Motion, sold over 5.6 million copies worldwide, winning him a Brit Awards and a Grammy Award nomination. Grace Kelly proved to be a lucky charm for the singer. Can it be for these Spirited stars as well?

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell sing the pop anthem

Ryan and Will have worked together in a movie titled Spirited. It is a musical version of Charles Dickens’ story of a miserly misanthrope who’s taken on a magical journey. Since it was a musical, these two have an experience of lip-syncing. Here is Ryan Reynolds singing the infectious pop song accompanied by Will Ferrell.

Ryan and Will sang the song for the Grace Kelly challenge on TikTok. Just like the song, this video of this delightful duo also went viral on TickTock. It gained over 50 million views. The fans of these stars cannot stop themselves from watching it repeatedly. Ryan started singing the song on a lower note. As you can see, surprisingly, this The Office actor came and joined his buddy.

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As these actors sing this song in this video, while watching it, we also cannot stop ourselves from murmuring it. These actors sure know how to keep their fans happy. Other than starring in movies, the Deadpool star and The Office star have the talent to make their fans sing with them.

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What do you think about their singing skills? Is this song going to be as lucky as it was for MIKA? While waiting for their musical movie to release in November 2022, listen to the original song here.

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