When Rick and Morty Got Thousands of Fans To Demand Sauce Outside McDonald’s: “We want sauce”

When Rick and Morty Got Thousands of Fans To Demand Sauce Outside McDonald’s: “We want sauce”

When a show has been running for eight long years, having more than 50 episodes, you know it must be having a huge and loyal fanbase. Well, that is Rick and Morty for you. The animated series first blessed our screens back in 2013 and has only grown more popular since then. However, a huge number of loving fans also mean that they are intensely passionate about the show and can go to any extent for it.

McDonald’s found this out the wrong way back in 2017 when Rick and Morty fans literally started protesting outside their multiple chains. Want to find out what caused the fans to protest and chant? Then keep on reading.

Rick and Morty protest for a special sauce

McDonald’s public relations campaign did not go as planned as the fast food restaurant had promised Rick and Morty fans a limited edition, long-out-of-production Szechuan dipping sauce and then quickly ran out. Police were summoned to at least one location as those in line for the sauce became agitated and began yelling, “we want sauce!”

Fans of Rick and Morty, a hugely popular US science fiction cartoon that riffs on the Back to the Future films, descended on McDonald’s restaurants across the United States on October 7, 2017. This happened after the chain officially confirmed it would be selling a limited run of a long out-of-production Szechuan dipping sauce. The reference to the sauce is in the show’s third season.

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History of the sauce

The fan-favorite sauce initially appeared in 1998 to promote Mulan. But then it vanished until the Rick and Morty episode The Rickshank Rickdemption reignited interest in it. It resurfaced in 2017, albeit there were shortages, and it was brought back in early 2018 due to great demand.

In fact, the sauce is so popular it was made available again this year in March. However, with a catch. After learning from its mistakes in the past. McDonald’s only took orders for the sauce online through its official app. And customers could only buy as many as five packets in one order.

Did you guys get to taste the sauce or not? Let us know in the comments.

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