When Prince Harry and Kate Middleton’s Private Calls Were Played In Court

When Prince Harry and Kate Middleton’s Private Calls Were Played In  Court

Long before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle voluntarily came out to spill the tea on the Royal family, the media had only speculation on its side. There is only so much an insider will be willing to reveal, therefore tapping on phone calls made by the royal family, stalking, and even hacking phones was not an untouched landscape for the media when it came to reporting about the royal family.

While we aren’t in the exact position to assess the damage or profit Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have caused to themself and the British monarchy, one thing we can say with conviction is that they have given the media years’ worth of royal gossip. And the largest contribution to this noble cause was made by none other than Prince Harry. The ginger Prince is currently facing trial in the court of the Internet as the defense and opposition ferociously fight to prove their point. However, Prince Harry’s words once led him to a real court. More specifically, his voice was played in the court of law along with his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton’s.

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Prince Harry and Kate Middleton’s voices played in court

In 2013, Middleton and Prince Harry’s voices were played in court in light of the lawsuit against News of the World for violating the privacy of the royals. The former publication used to tap the phones of the Royal family’s staff and then proceeded to tap the phones of senior royal members such as Prince Harry and Kate Middleton.

A phone call from Middleton’s early years of dating Prince William as he called her “babykins” was played. Then the court played a recording of Prince William’s phone call to Prince Harry where he “assumed a falsetto voice and pretended to be his girlfriend [at the time] Chelsy Davyas per Vanity Fair.

The royal prince dated Davy from 2004 to 20111. However, they opted for a mutual breakup as the Zimbabwe-based businesswoman got cold feet. The publication ceased publishing in 2011 after being one of Britain’s most popular newspapers since 1843.

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