When Millie Bobby Brown Shared How She Got the Best Advice From This F.R.I.E.N.D.S Actor

When Millie Bobby Brown Shared How She Got the Best Advice From This F.R.I.E.N.D.S Actor

Often times it’s easy to lose your way when you are thrust into the spotlight. The fame and the money can get to you. We have seen so many child actors go down a dark path. Fortunately, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown stayed her humble self despite gaining massive stardom post the Netflix show. 

Brown broke the screen with her portrayal of Eleven on the Duffer brothers’ show. She proved her mettle at acting at the tender age of 11. Soon enough, projects would line up for the young starlet. Now she’s one of the most sought-after teen stars working in Hollywood. In an old interview with her friend Maddie Ziegler, the teenager shared the best advice she received from veterans in the industry.

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Millie Bobby felt grateful to David Schwimmer for his advice 

Brown has received plenty of advice from seniors in the industry. And the teenager has heeded that advice. She has kept her head down, worked hard, and stayed humble. But one actor, in particular, made an impression on a young Brown with his wise words.

During the catch-up between two friends, Millie Bobby Brown revealed that the FRIENDS star, David Schwimmer, told her it’s important to love her job. “David Schwimmer was just like, “You need to love what you do.” And I think that’s really nice. Just love your work,” she said.

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She further credited her family for giving her some great tips to stay on the right path as well. Mother Brown and Father Brown are not too hard on their daughter. They instead urge her not to overwork and exert herself. But of course, for a workaholic like Millie, it’s not a big problem. The actress loves filming and being on set.

She will next appear in Enola Holmes 2 opposite Henry Cavill. The actress has reportedly bagged a $10 million check for the sequel! 

We are glad that Millie has such a great support system and people to look out for her. Don’t you think so too?

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