When Millie Bobby Brown Rapped Alongside Adam Levine in Maroon 5’s Concert

When Millie Bobby Brown Rapped Alongside Adam Levine in Maroon 5’s Concert

Millie Bobby Brown has proven to the world how extraordinarily talented she is. Not once or twice, but this actress makes sure she is going to do something epic whenever she steps out of her house. At just the age of mere 18 years, our Eleven has produced a film and has appeared as the lead cast of the world’s most watched web series, aka Stranger Things. And she is not stopping—throwback to the time when she did something astonishing and unexpected.

Remember the iconic music video Girls Like You by Maroon 5? The one features legendary women from all over the world. Brown’s fans must remember her from the video. Although she appeared for a few seconds just like others, it was lovely to watch her. Well, the Enola Holmes actress has surprised everyone by collaborating with the band again. But this time, this was not any recorded collab, but a live one.

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Millie Bobby Brown raps too

In 2018, Millie was just 14 years old and had recently gained popularity. Only then did she appears in the marron 5’s video. But it was before the video’s release that Millie joined the squad with the band. The music video was released in May 2018. Just a few months after that, she surprised her fans by appearing at the band’s concert at The Bridgestone Arena. The Stranger Things actress proved her rapping ability by delivering Cardi B’s lines. Additionally, the 14-year-old actress didn’t seem to lose a beat.

She raced down a stage strip into the midst of the crowd, all the while singing the song. It’s hardly surprising that Millie Bobby Brown loves this lively song so much, given her appearance in it. Afterward, the audience went crazy for the star, and Adam Levine showed appreciation by giving her a high five.

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Millie herself was overwhelmed after sharing the stage with such legendary people. Later on, along with the whole telecast of the show, she posted some of her videos expressing how much she loved it. According to Teen Vogue, she said, “It was so insane. It was so fantastic.”

Millie and the audience were sure overwhelmed by this, and so were we with a throwback to it. Let’s hope we get to see more of her surprise visits like this.


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