When Millie Bobby Brown Got Called Up By Netflix For Crying On Instagram

When Millie Bobby Brown Got Called Up By Netflix For Crying On Instagram

The wildly popular Netflix drama Stranger Things has been home to viewers and cast members since season 1. Moreover, the show became the reason Millie Bobby Brown and others kids built strong friendships working together all these years. Now the actress has turned 18 years old, yet it feels like yesterday when she used to be a little excited and joyful kid going on interviews and promotions.

And she has always been an emotional person who loves being around her family and close friends. One of those incidents included when Millie posted a photo of her crying on Instagram. After the crew wrapped up the season 3 shootings, she was sad to say goodbye to all the people there.

Millie Bobby Brown worried Netflix that she might spill details about Stranger Things

In one of her interviews, Millie Bobby Brown stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about her big achievement. During the conversation, the host showed her the photo she posted on Instagram teary-eyed.

She appeared heartbroken, which also upset her fans, who wondered what she was worried about. The actress also wrote in the post, “I will cry all day FYI,” and ” I can’t say goodbye.” “This is not okay.” She also mentions the name of her besties, Noah Schnapp and Sadie Sink. Seeing the photo, Millie said:

“I’m just a very emotional person when it comes to my closest people, I’m not good at saying goodbyes.”

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Brown also revealed that after seeing the post, Netflix called her and said, “you can’t say anything”. They were worried that she might give away information in emotions just like her best friend Noah Schnapp, who always give spoilers in the flow of conversations.

The Enola Holmes actress also revealed how another reason for her sadness was the catering department. Since they used to make food for her, and “that’s the people I live off of, quite literally,” said Brown.

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Meanwhile, in season 2 of Stranger Things, Sadie Sink enters the show. Before that, Brown was the only girl of her age in the cast, and Sadie entered like a true joy in her life.

Fans always got to see their friends moments like hanging out, posting photos, and holidays together. If you wanna get a glimpse of the teenage girl gang, go watch season 3, where Eleven and Max team up to teach a lesson to their ignorant boyfriends.

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