When Millie Bobby Brown Filmed a Wholesome Duet With Jacob Sartorius

When Millie Bobby Brown Filmed a Wholesome Duet With Jacob Sartorius

Millie Bobby Brown may only be 18 years old, but the British actress is one of the most popular faces in Hollywood today. Ever since her role as Eleven in Stranger Things, the internet is in awe of Brown. And not just recently, but the Enola Holmes star has been a hot topic throughout the past few years. Apart from her acting, Brown’s relationship has also been a hot topic among the fans. When the 13-year-old Stranger Things breakout star was slowly rising to stardom, the rumors of her dating the Musical.ly star Jacob Sartorius took the internet by storm.

Back in 2018, their celebrity power couple status sharply rose. Months after rumors, Brown finally confirmed their relationship with a Valentine’s Day post for the singer. While the duo called it quits after seven months; they gave some very wholesome couple moments to the audience. A few years ago, the actress even shared an incredibly cute video of them singing Sartorius’s song Nothin’ With You together. The now-deleted video featured Brown singing the popular song while Sartorius was playing the guitar in the background and singing alongside Brown.


One of the most wholesome moments in the video was when the Enola Holmes star turned around to look at Jacob singing. Brown was mesmerized as she blushed and giggled while looking at the Musical.ly star. However, shortly after, the 18-year-old star followed Sartorius as they sang the chorus together.

Sadly, it was one of the last times we saw the couple’s Instagram shenanigans. After dating for seven months, the couple called it quits, as reported by Billboard. Brown confirmed the same on Instagram. However, the reason behind their breakup remains unknown.

Do you know Millie Bobby Brown is an avid singer?

While we certainly know Brown for her acting, business ventures, and even modeling, the British actress is also an avid singer. Like most of the Stranger Things cast, the actress has also delved into music. Time and again, Brown has showcased her singing skills. From singing Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud to rapping Nicki Minaj’s verses from the Monster, the actress has never failed to amaze us. Previously, Brown left the fans in awe as she sang the popular song As It Was by Harry Styles at a fan convention.

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