When Millie Bobby Brown Embarrassed Ellen DeGeneres on Live TV for Not Reading Her Letters

When Millie Bobby Brown Embarrassed Ellen DeGeneres on Live TV for Not Reading Her Letters

Millie Bobby Brown is probably the biggest name in the industry right now. Her breakout role in Stranger Things catapulted the young girl to superstardom overnight. Fans were immediately rooted for the young Eleven and her sad origin story. Some of them went a little overboard and even got her tattoos! 

But the actress is very different from her on-screen character. She says way more than just “friends don’t lie”! Back in 2017 when she guested on the Ellen DeGeneres show, she showed off her playful charm and confronted Ellen for not replying to her letters! 

Millie Bobby Brown wrote letters to Ellen 

Millie Bobby Brown is a self-confessed fan of Ellen DeGeneres. The starlet wanted to guest on the show ever since she was little. She had written Ellen countless letters, but the talk didn’t get around to responding to those letters. When Ellen tried to tell her that she owes her scoops from the Stranger Things set for the letters she wrote to her, Millie promptly shut her down. She reminded her that she never got any answers and Ellen was left flustered.

In the old interview, a young Millie also talked about playing such a challenging role so young. She hilariously admits that she spoke very less but she at least had 42 lines! The actress reasoned that she wanted to try something else. She consciously picked the role because it demanded that she speak literally with her eyes and not convey emotions through words. Well, it paid off well for her. She shined in the role of Eleven!

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Can Eleven stop Vecna’s rampage? 

Millie was still sifting through her memories when we left Hawkins in Volume 1. She learned the truth behind the massacre and Vecna. The latest trailer shows us snippets of Eleven still struggling to regain her powers. But she’s determined to save her friends despite Brenner’s warning that she’s too weak. We also catch a glimpse of her trapped in the hellscape with Vecna closing in on her. 

The Duffer brothers are setting up for an explosive finale on July 1.

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