When Millie Bobby Brown Cried After Being Hounded by a Fan During Christmas Shopping

When Millie Bobby Brown Cried After Being Hounded by a Fan During Christmas Shopping

If we had to name someone who is young, successful, and soaring in her career right now, it has to be Millie Bobby Brown! It is no secret that she is a growing celebrity in Hollywood, thanks to her role as Eleven, a young girl with telekinetic abilities, in Netflix’s Stranger Things. Today, Brown is among the most accomplished actors, making great strides in her career. In addition, Brown played the lead in Enola Holmes, which was her next major movie after Stranger Things. Following this, she again bagged a lead role in Godzilla vs. Kong, reaching yet another milestone. She also made her mark in the beauty industry and is equally successful in that as well.

However, all this wasn’t possible in one night. And the journey wasn’t always peachy and flowery. As a budding actress, she too has faced many obstacles. Like many other successful entities, people have criticized her as well. Brown was also a victim of online trolling as well as in-person bullying. Many people even thought of her as a rude person which encouraged them to troll her even more. Because of this, our lovely MBB, has many a time burst out in tears, sharing her misery.

Millie Bobby Brown pleaded people to respect her boundaries

Back in 2020, the Stranger Things actress uploaded a video of her on Instagram, sharing how badly she was treated in a public mall. Apparently, a girl came and asked if she could meet MBB while the actress was shopping with her mother. Despite denying the girl, she video recorded Brown not once but twice. This made her burst into tears and ask for a basic human right that she equally deserves.

The Enola Holmes actress didn’t deserve any of it. The line was specifically crossed when a few ex-friends of her fellow co-actor bullied her. And then people started calling out the co-actor himself because he didn’t defend her at first. This shouldn’t happen. Especially in our modern world where people claim that they understand a fellow human being, where we know that mental health is a serious health issue and not some taboo.

We need to learn to be kinder and kinder to each other. We need to celebrate each other’s victory than bring them down. We need to spread more smiles than cries. And most importantly, we need to learn to be grateful and giving and understand the value of life, irrespective of who the other person is. We need to be the change, now!

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Millie Bobby Brown, herself is a lovely and kind woman who’s transitioning to beautiful adulthood. We must always respect that and understand the boundaries. Do you agree with us? Do let us know in the comment section.

Meanwhile, witness Brown’s fine acting in the latest season of Stranger Things on Netflix.

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    July 16, 2022 at 11:21 pm

    I absolutely, LOVE mbb! Loved the movie, “Enola Holmes”! Civilized people don’t intrude in stranger’s spaces! Yes, she’s a celebrity but have RESPECT for their privacy! NOT all actors’ want or needs this ATTENTION! ALWAYS RESPECT & give people space! Show some class!

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